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by legalcraft  May 25, 2012 3:36 pm

Having the right Will paper is an important thing for an attorney because it shows their professionalism and attention to details. The Will and Trust stationary available for you to choose from, but you need to make sure that the paper is sturdy and is of the highest quality. Unlike other legal documents, Will paper should be made to last since it will be around for many years because people fill out their last Will years before they pass away. Another reason you should take care in choosing the best Will and Trust stationary is because it makes an impression on your clients. If you have low quality paper that will not last for more than a year, and the firm information is unreadable, it is going to say to your client’s that you are disorganized and unprofessional (which are two things you do not want to say).


An example of high quality Will and Trust stationary is that the attorney’s name, firm name, address, and phone number are clearly printed on the paper. This is important because it allows for the attorney to be contacted easily by the heirs, executors, and trustees. A good quality type of paper is one that has cotton mixed into it, and it would be best to get paper with 100 percent cotton because this is what makes it study, so it will last for years. Attorneys may spend more time in choosing good Will paper than any other paper document they need.

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